Brandice lives in White City with her three daughters and her husband Craig. This is where her passion for the beauty industry began. In 2012, after staying at home to raise her girls, Brandice decided to take her first Lash Extension course - it did not end well. The course was expensive and the knowledge was sparse. After a long discussion about whether or not this was right for her, she and her husband decided there had to be better training out there and she could try again. As it turns out, there was - lots of it! One just had to do their homework and be open to travel. After four and a half years of creating a great lash business from home, Brandice had earned over twelve lash and brow certifications! It was time to take this knowledge and go further. In the winter of 2017, Brandice decided to make an even bigger jump by taking co - ownership of Spa Cantik. It is here where even greater things will transpire! The best is yet to come!

Suzanne Pelzer has been doing nails and esthetics for almost 9 years. As former owner of Spa Cantik and Salon, she is still grateful to be an active part of growing our Spa and Brand and continue to lead the Regina area in all things •b e a u t i f u l. She has extensive nail training and she is a huge wealth of knowledge when it comes to Eminence Organic Skincare. Her mission in life is to inspire others to do more, grow more and inspire them to live a life they deserve.


Voted Best Esthetician in Regina in 2017! Moose Jaw born and raised Aly is an Eminence trained Esthetician who graduated with awards in Skills Sask (1st place) and Skills Canada (5th place). She was recently voted Regina's Best Esthetician (2017) through Prairie Dog Magazine. We have dubbed Aly the "Brow Queen" and her clients drive from over 2 hours away just to see her. Aly loves puppies and was a dog groomer in her former career. The Spa and her clients are super happy that she switched to people grooming. Her brow work is famous!!


Brianna has been an esthetician & part of the Spa Cantik team for 3 years. She is our highest trained Eminence Professional with E3 certification. Brianna specializes in Dermaplaning and has a passion for glowing, healthy skin and the power of skin care. When she isn't at the spa, Brianna can often be found perusing all things cat related on the internet. If it has cats on it, it's on her shopping wish list.


Ever since graduating from college in 2012 Cassy has been balancing her work along with her husband's military career. Their recent move has brought them to Saskatchewan and Spa Cantik was lucky enough to have Cassy join our team!



April has been a laser technician since 2007. She chose this field because she likes handing out pain, and was too lazy to become a dentist. She daydreams about sharks all day, and is probably currently running from the law.

Samantha, hair stylist extraordinaire exudes awesomeness as well as has the vocabulary of a well-educated sailor



Jenna, originally from Estevan, has been doing esthetics here in Regina for three years. She loves making people feel amazing and sometimes is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to nails and nail art. Along with offering a full menu of esthetics (including waxing and facials), Jenna is also a makeup artist. When she is not working, Jenna loves pickles and everything Ariana Grande. She is working on ways to come up with the perfect combo of the two - an Ariana shaped pickle? A pickle that sings like Ariana? The options are endless. Visit her on Instagram! - @jennsmakeup


Kristen has always had a passion for helping people. She has worked in many fields however the most awarding have been working with people. In 2010, she began classes at Western College of Remedial Massage Therapies and her passion grew. She has taken additional courses for Pregnancy and is also a labour attending RMT. She is looking forward to expanding her practice with pregnant women, babies and children.


Tyler Maurice is a skilled and accomplished hair stylist, session stylist and educator living in Regina, Saskatchewan and working out of his own self titled studio salon; experienced in cutting, styling, coloring, chemical texture services, as well as photoshoots and session work. As an educator and session stylist he is committed to bringing you the latest in styles and services; helping you take all the looks of the cat walk right out to the side walk.



Rhonda Clements started massaging in 2006 and graduated from Calgary College of Holistic Health. She loves her career and helping other’s heal and manage their pain. She is currently a registered therapist with Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. She complements her healing techniques with Reiki, receiving her Reiki Master’s in 2005. She believes the body will naturally heal if given space and time to do so. Recently in 2017 she passed her paramedic program and loves healing and health in many fields and looks forward to expanding her knowledge in the future.



A long time client of Spa Cantik, Carey became inspired to become a full esthetician and nail tech. After going to school she joined the team in June of 2018. Her passion lies in nails and lash extensions. She prides herself in hand painted nail art.



Spa Cantik Team